The Most Beautiful Gamble

It was dressed up as an engagement party, but I suspected more.

There were details on the canapes, steel-trap directions to hotels and too much organization to be your average nacho chip engagement party.

Maybe the red carpet lining the driveway finally gave it away for real, or perhaps it was the twitchy fingers and white flowered lapel of the two hosts.

There was muted surprise as the bar shut down suddenly and the two walked down from the top of the driveway, fingers interlocked.  There were tears stuck pooled in eyesas choked-up vows were promised. 

I choose you.

You are my best friend.

I want to be with you always.

I love you, baby.

There’s no greater privilege than watching two people take that giant leap of faith, to promise to love each other forever amidst churning doubt, the knowledge that nothing stays the same. 

This party was a little more sparkly and laser-detailed and architecturally precise than any other wedding I’ve been too, but otherwise no different.  Love is love is love and I don’t know why there are people who would do anything other than celebrate it.

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