Weekly Paleo Favourite: Thai Curry of Instant and Absurd Deliciousness

Weekly Paleo Favourite: Thai Curry of Instant and Absurd Deliciousness

The most frustrating part of the Paleo Diet for me has been the inconvenience of it all. It’s surprisingly difficult to eat fresh, local, unprocessed food. Cucumbers grow blue fuzz in the vegetable tray if I’m not careful (and it’s very easy to be not careful when you work full time and have a “spirited” toddler and a daily gym habit, etc.) Daily grocery trips are almost a necessity for fresh dinner every night.

Except. There are some rare breeds of pre-made foods that are pretty decently close to following Paleo rules and the Roi Thai brand of curry soups fall firmly into that category.

Our Thai Nanny brought us some back when she visited her family in Bangkok last winter and said they were very good. And we knew we’d hit pay dirt with her endorsement.

And just so I’m clear — none of the Thai stuff you find in the Safeway grocery aisle is remotely Thai, and most of it is pretty North Americanized crap. But this curry is perfectly spicy, amazingly fragrant, and, with the addition of some thinly sliced peppers, mushrooms, and chicken or tofu, it’s a super fast and very healthy meal. Corey and I love the Red Curry the best, and we frequently eat it over roasted spaghetti squash for some extra bulk.

When our supply dwindled, we searched around desperately online to see if we could find somewhere that would ship the curry to us in Canada. But then we heard that they sold this brand at T&T, our local Asian supermarket. This weekend I bought 20 of them: Panang, Green and Red.

It’s not totally Paleo because there is some salt and also palm oil but every other ingredient is whole and fresh and something you’d totally recognize.

Several thumbs up, definitely see if you can find it in your Asian market as well.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Paleo Favourite: Thai Curry of Instant and Absurd Deliciousness

  1. Nice…I will look for that..I live near a T&T. So far week 1 of being strictly back on is going well…spaghetti squash Pad Thai tonight!

  2. Oh wow, I’m pretty excited about this Paleo-friendly find of yours. It’s hard to keep the meals amazing on weeknights when we’re all going a thousand directions and lucky to sit down together for dinner. I love lettuce-wrapped grass-fed burgers, but I need variety. Also hoping Stephanie returns to share the pad thai recipe she uses!

    • Ante, I have a recipe for paleo pad thai that will knock your socks off. I’ve posted it before on websites that are no longer live…but I’ll make it this week and post the recipe and pictures by Friday. It’s not exactly 1 step, but you can make a double batch and freeze some and it is seriously, far and away the best meal I make. Perfect for dinner parties AND kid friendly. Stay tuned!

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